Archival Science in a Post-War Simulation

miageru hoshi sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite			I look up at the stars, various sagas are shining
seiza no you sen de musubu shunkan hajimaru Legend		Just like the constellations, only by connecting them with lines does a legend start
oorora yurameku jikuu koete					Aurora.  Go through the flicking dimensions
tobikomu meisou suru Parallel World				Dive into that straying parallel world

On the road daremo tabi no tochuu On the road, everyone is the middle of a journey hontou no jibun jishin deau tame to find the real self atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou The road will probably continue to change towards a new dawn mokugeki se yo Journey through the Decade Be witness to it, Journey through the Decade

Tenth anniversary of The Matrix: March 31st, 1999 - March 31st, 2009

Welcome to my attempt at making a centralized web site for MxO live event transcripts. This is a constant work in progress. Just a couple of notes before we begin.

1: This is my first web site, despite the fact that I've been using the net since the mid '90s. Hosting, site design and utilities have been provided by Daniel Robson, as my interest in making this site look nice wasn't very high.

2: Many of the transcripts on this page have been copied by me from other sources. I did this so I could have an archive of them in case the sites I found them at went down permanently (and some did). I mean no harm, and I'm not taking responsibility for the transcripts that are not mine. If you need to contact me about this, send a calm and reasonable email to me.

Special Thanks